About Us

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Drawing of Little Cassiobury - Drawn by Rev. J Brown when it was in use as the local Herts County Education Office

About Us

We thank all members of the FoLC for their ongoing efforts towards building our organisation and its reputation New members (now known  as Supporters) are welcome d by  our  latest  incarnation, the Little Cassiobury Community Interest Company.

We wish to give thanks for the efforts made to date by  individual councillors towards promoting our cause.

The owners of Little Cassiobury are Hertfordshire County Council (vacant for several years, since they closed their offices there).

The house is in Watford Hertfordshire, whose local council Watford Borough Council in what they have designated as the Central Conservation Area. They have leased it from the county council. Some health and safety work has been done, but the house remains on the at risk register and categorised as being in a poor condition by Historic England.

However we think we think we need to ask for more. Our cause needs cross party support within those bodies.

You Can Help - by  airing your views and raising any questions you have to your local and county  councillors.

  • We began as an informal organisation sustained by its members.
  • Our committee and our board of directors is from a broad range of experience and belief
  • This organisation is not affiliated to any political party
  • We needed to formalise our relations with others by forming a legal entity.
  • So we registered an Independent, Non-Profit, & Non-Political company at Companies House (registration number:- 08484520) as Friends of Little Cassiobury CIC (Community Interest Company).
  • The company shortened its name to Little Cassiobury CIC  and the Members oft the original organisation are now referred to as Supporters.

The company’s directors have worked through a programme of training provided by:-

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators - “Directors & their duties”

Historic England - “Heritage Project Management”

Arts Marketing Association -”Marketing your art”

The Princes Regeneration Trust - “project management & fundraising”

The University of Hertfordshire- “Finance for non-financial managers”

BRICK Workshops - “Princes Regeneration Trust - working with Heritage Projects”


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